And Some Day

w/s Sammy (thanks to ゲルマン蛸壷)

*WHITE TRACKS / pussYbone 収録曲

My Gods are always lying
even though they’re Gods
The Goddess that protect me
always let me down

Ooh yeah…

Tears will always dry up
like a withered tree
One day it’s forgotten
suddenly it’s lost

Ooh yeah…

I’m really getting tired
of the same old lines
You really drive me crazy
Mister know-it-all
say good-bye…

The more I try to grab it
The more it gets away
But still I can’t stop trying
So still I try away

Ooh yeah…

神様はいつも 嘘つきで
運命だって女神だもの 浮気もするさ
Woo yeah…

涙はいつか枯れるもの 夢は醒めるもの
なくしものは いつだって忘れ物
Woo yeah…

追いかけて追い続けても つかめない
だけど止まることは したくない
Woo yeah…

And someday you dream away
lonely dream to dream today…